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Lipinski: Decision to Not Bring Republican Transportation Bill Up for a Vote in the House is a Victory for Our Region and the Nation


Congressman Dan Lipinski issued the following statement today after Speaker Boehner said he plans to bring the Senate transportation bill to the House floor:

“The decision to not bring the Republicans’ five-year transportation bill up for a vote in the House is a victory for northeastern Illinois and for our nation. I fought hard for changes to the bill, and while I would have liked to have seen a much-improved House bill, the bipartisan, two-year Senate bill, which now appears to be headed to the House floor, is not perfect but is undoubtedly better. It is better for public transportation because it maintains dedicated funding for mass transit from the gas tax and does not make the CTA and other agencies ineligible for bus funding just because they also operate subways. It includes the Projects of National Significance program, from which I was able to secure $100 million for the CREATE rail modernization project in the last transportation bill and which is a potential funding source for other major projects in our area. The Senate bill also provides more funding for road projects than the House bill. It is unfortunate that the Senate bill only covers two years; I would certainly prefer a longer-term bill. But I would rather have a bipartisan two-year bill that improves our roads and mass transit than a five-year bill that badly undermines our transportation system.

“What will actually happen next remains unclear. Speaker Boehner has said he plans to bring the Senate bill to a vote, while also indicating Republicans will continue to work on a bill that can pass the House. As I have said repeatedly, House Republicans should reach out to Democrats to craft a bipartisan bill. Their failure to do so starkly contrasts with the bipartisan manner in which past transportation bills have always been written. I stand ready to work with my Republican colleagues in the House to produce a robust, multi-year transportation bill to fix our roads, mass transit, bridges, and railways. Here in northeastern Illinois, which by some measures suffers from the worst traffic in America, we badly need a bill that will cut down on costly congestion and delays and boost economic growth and job creation.”

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