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Rep. Lipinski: Iran Must be Punished for Violating U.N. Resolutions by Testing Long-Range Missiles With Nuclear Capability


Congressman Dan Lipinski (IL-3) released the following statement today after Iran test-fired several ballistic missiles, ignoring U.N. resolutions that call on them to stop testing these missiles: 

“With the ink barely dry on last year’s well-intentioned, but flawed nuclear agreement, Iran has again thumbed their nose at the world with another ballistic missile test.  This comes on the heels of their test of a medium-range missile in October of last year that clearly violated ongoing U.N. sanctions imposed in 2010.  Along with these missile tests, Iran has conducted other hostile actions in recent months including efforts to obtain advanced arms, the detention of more Americans, and continuing support for Syria and terrorist groups like Hezbollah. 

“My top concern has been and always will be what is best for the security of the United States, both now and in the future, and Iran’s latest blatant disregard for the rules cannot be ignored.  Iran already possesses missiles that can reach throughout the Middle East, so their development of more advanced missiles is a threat to the security of others outside the region.  It is for this reason that the U.N. Security Council has banned Iran from developing, testing, or procuring ballistic missile technology. 

“During last year’s debate on the nuclear agreement – which I voted against because it gave Iran too much and required them to give up too little – the White House consistently pledged to hold Iran accountable for all violations of U.N. Security Council resolutions.  So far, the Administration has not vigorously followed through.  In the wake of this most recent violation of U.N. resolutions, I’m calling for strong sanctions and urging the Administration to take a leadership role in the U.N. on this matter of grave importance.”

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