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Lipinski Votes to Trim Federal Spending and Avoid Government Shutdown While Budget Agreement is Sought

On Tuesday, Congressman Dan Lipinski (IL-03) voted for H.J. Res 48 to cut $6 billion in spending and avoid a government shutdown while agreement on a spending bill for the remainder of the fiscal year is sought. The bill, which keeps the government functioning until April 8, passed on a bipartisan vote, 271-158.

“Funding our government on a week-to-week basis certainly is not my preference,” Congressman Lipinski said. “Nor was I happy with everything that was included in or omitted from this bill. But it’s critical that we keep the government running while seeking a sensible compromise on spending that includes cuts that help reduce the national debt without harming the middle class and that help position our economy for job creation and long-term growth. With the passage of this latest continuing resolution, I continue to believe there is no reason we cannot find common ground and reach an agreement that is good for our country as a whole, even if it frustrates the extremes on either side who would risk shutting down the government and damaging the economy rather than compromise.”

Previously, Congressman Lipinski parted ways with most Democrats and voted for a resolution calling for a reduction in spending for the rest of this fiscal year. But the spending bill that House Republicans later offered, H.R. 1, included cuts that went too far. H.R. 1 would cost hundreds of thousands of private-sector jobs and slash support for transportation, public safety, the environment, Wall Street oversight, and America’s long-term competitiveness. Congressman Lipinski therefore opposed the bill. He continues to support common-sense spending cuts and on March 1 voted for H.J. Res 44 to extend funding for the federal government for two weeks while making budget cuts of $4 billion.

“I stand ready to partner with all those whose priority is to do what is best for the American people,” Congressman Lipinski said. “A government shutdown is not in anyone’s interest.”

(March 16, 2011)



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