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Lipinski Hails State Department's Long-Awaited Decision to Declare ISIL's Actions Against Christians and Other Religious Minorities a Genocide


Congressman Dan Lipinski (IL-3) issued the following statement after the State Department declared that the atrocities committed by ISIL against Christians and other religious groups are genocide:

“While it was delayed too long, I applaud the Administration for finally declaring that ISIL’s actions in Iraq and Syria against Christians and other religious and ethnic minorities are without question genocide.  This designation – the first one since the United States declared genocide was occurring in Darfur in 2004 – helps focus the world's attention and hopefully will spur action to save those threatened by these heinous acts.  It also builds the foundation towards eventual war crimes trials for the ‘monsters’ that have and continue to slaughter people solely based on their faith.

“With bipartisan pressure from Congress – including a measure I helped introduce – and the support of people and organizations across our country, including the Knights of Columbus, the Administration has finally delivered a message to the international community that there is no doubt that Christians and other groups are being targeted by ISIL.  Many of these Christian communities can trace back all the way to the earliest Christians and they are critical to maintaining any future peace that is established in the region.”

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