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Rep. Lipinski Issues Statement on NSA Practices


U.S. Rep. Dan Lipinski (IL-3) issued the following statement today on the National Security Agency’s use of phone tracking and the PRISM program:
“While I believe it is essential that we take steps necessary to protect our nation from terrorism, I also want assurances that our investigative and security agencies are being held to the highest standards and the basic rights of American citizens are not being violated. The recent reports of the NSA’s PRISM program collecting data such as emails, photos, and videos from the world’s top Internet providers to aid in tracking terrorists abroad, as well as the disclosure that the agency has been accumulating the phone records of millions of Americans, serve as reminders of the delicate balance between the federal government’s responsibility to protect lives and infringing upon the fundamental Constitutional rights that make us a free country. Up to this point, only a small group of members of Congress were made aware of the scope and depth of these practices. As an elected representative, I will be looking to find out more about these programs and will look critically at the claims of why they are needed to protect Americans. The tools Congress has granted to the law enforcement and intelligence communities have been important in identifying dangerous terrorists and their support networks. But in this increasingly digital age of information sharing, stringent oversight that guarantees our civil liberties is also vital.”

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