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Lipinski Applauds New Industry-University-Government Partnership to Spark Manufacturing Innovation and Create Jobs (June 24, 2011)

As a leading advocate of establishing industry, university, and government partnerships to enhance manufacturing innovation, competitiveness, and job creation, Congressman Dan Lipinski (IL-3) today applauded President Obama’s launch of the Advanced Manufacturing Partnership. The AMP will bring together industry, universities, and the government to invest in developing innovative technologies that will enable American manufacturers to compete and win in the global economy.

“This is precisely the type of initiative that I’ve successfully worked to establish, both through the America COMPETES Act, whose National Science Foundation title I drafted, and through the National Manufacturing Strategy Act, which I introduced and passed in the House last year,” Congressman Lipinski said. “It’s not enough that we invent new products in America – to create jobs, we also need to manufacture them here. Over the last decade, we’ve seen the terrible consequences for the middle class of Washington’s failure to develop a coordinated manufacturing policy that levels the playing field for this critical industry. The AMP is an important step toward revitalizing manufacturing and making sure it continues to build on its recent rebound. With countries around the world doing everything they can to give their manufacturers an edge, we must invest in the kind of research that has repeatedly led to breakthrough technologies and helped make our manufacturers the most productive and innovative in the world. I’m also glad to see that the AMP will focus on ensuring America maintains a strong manufacturing capability to independently equip its military.”

As chairman of the Research and Science Education Subcommittee of the Science and Technology Committee, Congressman Lipinski helped write and pass into law last year the America COMPETES Act reauthorization, H.R. 5116. Congressman Lipinski included language in the law to create grants for universities to carry out research in transformative manufacturing technologies, including in robotics, nanomanufacturing, and advanced materials – all areas that are included in the AMP.

The AMP also includes support for a program to increase small and medium-sized manufacturers’ access to powerful supercomputers and advanced software to enable them to conduct sophisticated modeling that increases innovation and ultimately creates jobs. Congressman Lipinski has been a strong supporter of efforts such as the Midwest Modeling and Simulation Consortium that help manufacturers improve their products and processes through high-performance computing. He also included language in the COMPETES Act to improve small manufacturers’ access to government supercomputers. In addition, the Congressman supported the addition of language to COMPETES requiring the establishment of a Committee on Technology to plan and coordinate federal programs and activities in advanced manufacturing research and development.

“As I have always made clear, there are investments that we must continue to make if we want to create jobs and strengthen the middle class,” Lipinski said. “Investing in innovation is critical for our economy and our nation. The seeds of many of the technologies that we use every day were sown by investments in innovation such as those announced today. That is why I have been and will continue to be a strong supporter of essential, job-creating high-tech research.”

(June 24, 2011)



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