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Rep. Lipinski, No Labels Coalition Urge Bipartisan Solution to Shutdown, Debt Ceiling


U.S. Rep. Dan Lipinski (IL-3) today stood side by side with more than 50 Republican and Democratic lawmakers in the No Labels coalition to urge congressional leadership and President Obama to stop fighting and start fixing the crisis that has shut down the federal government and threatens to send the country into default, causing additional harm to our economy. The group joined in solidarity to encourage everyone in Washington to work together to end the destructive politics that has led to gridlock and is hurting our nation. 

“The solution on Day 10 of the shutdown is the same as it was on Day 1: Put the best interest of Americans and the well-being of our nation first. There are no winners in this endless bickering and the American people are losing,” Rep. Lipinski said. “I am committed to working with all sides so we can get the shutdown and debt ceiling impasse behind us and start working on our real problems, such as solving our long-term debt and putting people to work. I am proud to stand with my No Labels colleagues today to deliver this message loud and clear.”

Since the shutdown went into effect on Oct. 1, Rep. Lipinski has been meeting almost daily with a bipartisan group of legislators, seeking to find common ground and arrive at a solution that gets the government up and running and raises the debt ceiling to avoid seriously damaging the financial markets. The longer the country goes without a solution, the more real-life consequences there are for millions of Americans. Rep. Lipinski has heard from businesses in his district concerned about having to send workers home because the government inspectors they rely on to function are being furloughed. He has also heard from constituents unable to get new Social Security cards, others who can't file their taxes on time due to the IRS closing its doors and workers at Argonne National Laboratory who are worried about their paychecks if the shutdown continues much longer.

Today's event was organized by the No Labels coalition, a group of Democrats and Republicans committed to working across the aisle to find solutions to the nation's problems. In January, Rep. Lipinski was introduced as one of No Label's inaugural 24 congressional Problem Solvers. Since then, Rep. Lipinski has helped to recruit additional members, with the coalition more than tripling in size to 87 members. In July, No Labels unveiled its Make Government Work! legislative agenda. No Labels continues to meet regularly to encourage cooperation when confronting issues facing Congress and the country.

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