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Lipinski Statement on Budget Deal


U.S. Rep. Dan Lipinski (IL-3) issued the following statement tonight on the House passage of the budget conference committee agreement:

"While I voted in favor of this agreement that was reached only once all sides sat down and worked together in a bipartisan manner, much work remains. I am glad that both parties from both chambers could find a way to reduce some of the harmful effects of the sequester that are strangling investment in many critical areas. I am also happy we can put to the side the budget showdowns that have divided this country and led to the government shutting down in October.
"One thing missing from this agreement, however, is an extension of long-term unemployment benefits. No one wants to see these benefits have to continue and Congress should be doing more to help spur job creation, but in the meantime we should extend these benefits. 
"It is important to point out that this is not the long-term deficit reduction and sequester relief agreement that our nation needs. I am very disappointed that we did not get there in these budget negotiations. We still must strive toward the type of vision developed by the Simpson-Bowles commission back in 2010 to tackle our growing long-term debt problem and encourage fiscal sustainability. I was one of the ‘Brave 38’ in the House who backed a budget based on the commission’s recommendations. I was hoping that the budget conference committee would develop a similar agreement. Although they did not, this bill is still a small step forward which will hopefully lead to more bipartisan progress in leading our nation forward in addressing the serious economic and fiscal matters we still face."

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