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Lipinski Announces Completion of New Oak Lawn Railroad Quiet Zone

On Thursday, Congressman Dan Lipinski was joined by officials from Oak Lawn, the Federal Railroad Administration, and Metra to announce completion of a new quiet zone that prevents trains from sounding their horns in Oak Lawn on the Norfolk Southern/Southwest Service line. Congressman Lipinski played a key role in bringing together Oak Lawn and FRA officials and reaching an agreement on the terms for establishing the quiet zone.

“At a time of year when the song ‘Silent Night’ is often heard and sung, it’s a great feeling to be able to bring some well-deserved peace and quiet to the residents of Oak Lawn,” Congressman Lipinski said. “This quiet zone was a long time coming, and making it happen took a lot of work. But now that it’s here, I know the people and businesses along Metra’s Southwest Service line will truly appreciate not being woken up out of a sound sleep, or startled in the middle of the day, by blaring train horns.”

“For years we’ve been hearing these blaring train horns and one of the things I really wanted to see us accomplish was the establishment of quiet zones,” Oak Lawn Mayor Dave Heilmann said. “Today, I'm pleased that we were able to restore peace and quiet to countless village residents. I want to thank Congressman Lipinski for his success in bringing the village and the FRA together, all of the dedicated staffers with the Village of Oak Lawn, and everyone else who worked hard to make sure the quiet zone became a reality.”

The completed quiet zone took effect on Dec. 14. It includes the crossings at Cicero Ave., 95th St., Kilbourn Ave., 52nd Ave., Cook Ave., 54th Ave., and Central Ave. A smaller quiet zone encompassing the Cicero Ave. and 95th St. crossings only was established in March.

The FRA requires locomotives to sound their horns at public highway-rail grade crossings, but communities that meet specific safety criteria can establish quiet zones where trains need not use their horns. Trains may still sound their horns for immediate safety reasons. Numerous safety enhancements were made by Oak Lawn to allow establishment of the quiet zone.

“With so many train lines and crossings in my district, I continue to work to maximize the benefits they bring, while minimizing the inconveniences,” Congressman Lipinski said. “I’m glad I was able to bring the FRA and the village of Oak Lawn together to get this done, and I also want to thank Metra and Norfolk Southern for all their efforts.”

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