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No Labels Awards Problem Solver Seal of Approval to Daniel Lipinski

Seal Signifies Candidates’ Support For New Era of Bipartisan Problem Solving


Washington, D.C. (July, 18, 2016) – No Labels today awarded its Problem Solver Seal of Approval to Rep. Daniel Lipinski who is running for re-election in Illinois’ 3rd Congressional District. The Seal of Approval is awarded to candidates and members of Congress who meet two specific criteria that signify a commitment to bipartisan problem solving.

“No Labels is focused on ensuring our next president and Congress are prepared to immediately get to work on the problems that matter to the American people,” said No Labels co-chair Sen. Joe Lieberman (D-CT). “The Problem Solver Seal of Approval is a tangible commitment to voters in his district that he is prepared to reach across the aisle after this election, forge agreement on common goals and work to find bipartisan solutions. In an evenly divided Congress, these are the only kind of solutions that are going to work.”

Receipt of the Problem Solver Seal of Approval is conditioned upon two commitments by a candidate or member of Congress. One is signing H.Res 207, a congressional resolution calling for the creation of a new National Strategic Agenda featuring four goals that were chosen with direct input from the American people:

  • Create 25 million new jobs over the next 10 years
  • Secure Social Security and Medicare for the next 75 years
  • Balance the federal budget by 2030
  • Make America energy secure by 2024

Rep. Lipinksi is one of 82 members of Congress who have signed the resolution and are committed to engaging in a new goals-driven process with the next president and congressional colleagues from both political parties.

The other commitment from Rep. Lipinski is to attend No Labels’ signature post-election 1787 event— named for the year in which our Founders created the U.S. Constitution.

Just one month after the disruptive presidential election of 2016, No Labels will convene members of Congress and of the new president’s transition team, as well as governors, mayors and business, labor and thought leaders to begin developing bipartisan consensus in key policy areas. The aim of this event—which will be held on December 5-6 in Washington—is to effectively “set the table” for legislative action early in the next president’s term.

By attending 1787, No Labels believes members of Congress can make a powerful statement that they understand the depths of public frustration about our dysfunctional political system and have the resolve to do something about it.

“Our next president—whoever it is—will need leaders on both sides in Congress who are willing to pivot quickly from a rough and tumble campaign to the serious business of governing,” said No Labels co-chair Jon Huntsman. “In accepting the Problem Solver Seal of Approval, Congressman Lipinski is committing to voters that he intends to take a pause from the permanent campaign in Washington and govern as a bipartisan solver. The more candidates who make this commitment, the better chance Washington will have to tackle serious issues in early 2017. There is no time to waste.”


No Labels is a national movement of Democrats, Republicans and independent voters dedicated to a new politics of problem solving. With a national network of over a million citizens and local leaders across America and more than 80 supporters in the U.S. Congress, No Labels is focused on building a durable bipartisan bloc in Congress and getting our leaders to embrace and work toward a new National Strategic Agenda for America.

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