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Lipinski in Cicero to Talk Up Strategy Bill

Berwyn, IL — U.S. Congressman Dan Lipinski, D-3rd District, of Western Springs wants to save America’s manufacturing industry and wants the president to help.

Lipinski was in Cicero Friday, July 23, to tout a bill he sponsored that if made law, would create a strategy to revitalize American manufacturing.

Speaking within the noisy confines of the Corey Manufacturing Co. in Cicero, Lipinski said the bill could help America better compete with foreign countries like China.

“American manufacturing, as you know, has been in dramatic decline for a number of years,” Lipinski said.

The bill would require the president of the United States to conduct a “comprehensive analysis of the nation’s manufacturing sector.”  

That analysis would be based on recommendations made by a task force of federal officials and state governors from different political parties. Recommendations made at public hearings and by a 21-member panel of private-sector manufacturing “leaders and stakeholders” would also be added the analysis.

The bill does not mention specific ways to reverse the country’s declining manufacturing sector, and that is the way Lipinski wants it.

“The purpose is to have a board made up of government officials and also individuals from the private sector so that they can come up with a strategy they can agree upon.”


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