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Lipinski Bill Awaits Senate Approval

Suburban Life
August 23, 2010
By Nick Vogel

A bill calling for a strategy to revitalize American manufacturing sponsored by U.S. Rep. Dan Lipinski, D-3rd District, of Western Springs passed the U.S. House of Representatives on July 28.

The bill passed 379-38 with 15 members not voting.

Lipinski said the overwhelming support the bill received shows it has a good chance of passing the U.S. Senate.

The bill requires the president to establish a Manufacturing Strategy Board within the Commerce Department. This would include federal officials, two state governors from different parties, and nine private-sector leaders and stakeholders from the manufacturing industry.

Q : At a press conference you held in Cicero regarding this bill, you said this not just another bill that will be approved then forgotten. Realistically, what kind of effect do you hope this bill will have on the country's manufacturing industry?

A: I think that we can see in countries such as Japan and Germany that they have (a) strong manufacturing sector, even though their economies are not that different from the United States. And I believe that if we get the strategy put in place, we have the strategy developed, that better government policies promoting manufacturing mean more manufacturing jobs, probably bringing more manufacturing jobs into the country than have left the country.

Q: In the last year, Washington passed new regulations on the health insurance industry, which you voted against, and new regulations for Wall Street. That being said, what do you have to say to those in the manufacturing industry who may be skeptical of any new government plans for the private sector?

A: I think that what this is going to force Washington to do is to look at how various policies will impact manufacturing. And that certainly will be a first . . . For the first time, there will be a comprehensive look at how to promote manufacturing and how various policies we have will impact manufacturers, whether that's any kind of energy policy that we may have . . . I think this will definitely be an opportunity for manufacturers to have a seat at the table as we go through and consider various policies that may be implemented, may be passed and implemented in the United States.


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