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Debt Ceiling Vote Was Political Theater: Lipinski

Fox Chicago News
June 1, 2011 
President Obama has called Republican congressional leaders to the White House Thursday morning after the House of Representatives, overwhelmingly defeated a proposal to raise the national debt limit Tuesday night 318-to-97.

Republicans and some Democrats are refusing to okay an increase unless it coincides with reduced spending.

Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner said he can keep the country and its $14.3 trillion dollar debt afloat until August, but after that, the government would likely default on its obligations.

Ill. Congressman Dan Lipinski joined the Republican majority and voted against raising the public debt. He joined us by phone to explain his vote.

Lipinski said Congress needs to focus on job creation and deficit reduction, and the bill voted on Tuesday had no deficit reduction.

Lipinski noted many Democrats voted no on the bill because it was “political theater.” Republicans wanted to bring the bill up so it would fail, Lipinski said.

There are two more months before the deadline, Lipinski said, and he expects the ceiling will be raised, but it likely will be at the last minute.


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