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Meyer Tool Snags New Hire at Lipinski's Job Fair


Meyer Tool
November 29, 2011

In October, Eileen Cunningham represented Meyer Tool & Mfg., Inc. at a local job fair sponsored by Congressman Dan Lipinski. The Representative and Meyer Tool share several key concerns in this economy. Among them is the high priority issue of jobs and, in particular, America’s ability to supply a skilled workforce able to support manufacturing. Lipinski is taking action to help.

High tech manufacturing is alive and well here in the U.S. and companies like Meyer Tool need qualified employees to compete. But even in this environment of high unemployment, there is a skills shortage in manufacturing. The National Association of Manufacturers latest skills gap study (August, 2011) reports, “Shortages in skilled production jobs – machinists, operators, craft workers, distributors, technicians, and more – are taking their toll on manufacturers’ ability to expand operations, drive innovation, and improve productivity. Seventy-four percent of respondents indicated that workforce shortages or skills deficiencies in skilled production roles are having a significant impact on their ability to expand operations or improve productivity. Unfortunately, these jobs require the most training, and are traditionally among the hardest manufacturing jobs to find existing talent to fill.”

We require a skilled workforce of long-term, knowledgeable employees to maintain Meyer Tool’s ability to provide our customers in the cryogenic, vacuum, and pressure technology arena with the lowest total cost of ownership. We have discovered it is best to grow this workforce from within. We find the right type of person, someone with a “can do” attitude. They commonly are entry level, with mechanical abilities and an interest in manufacturing, but with minimal experience. We can train the right person, partnering on the job experiences with external training to develop a skilled worker with an understanding of the manufacturing processes unique to our niche. The challenge is to locate that right person with the work ethic and desire to excel in our environment.

At Lipinski’s job fair in October, we were lucky enough to find such a candidate in Dan Wolfe. He has joined our staff in the assembly department where we will invest heavily in each other: Dan trusts that Meyer Tool will provide him with the kind of valuable training opportunities needed to grow his career and Meyer Tool trusts that Dan will contribute to the best of his ability and make a positive difference on our shop floor.

A strong manufacturing base is critical to maintaining America’s ability to remain a global leader. Strong employees are required to maintain manufacturing. Lipinski recognizes this. In addition to sponsoring job fairs, he has attempted to address the skills gap in manufacturing by sponsoring the Five Point Jobs Plan and National Manufacturing Strategy Act (HR 1366). Lipinski has initiated a variety of strategies designed to getting America working again.

We thank Rep. Lipinski for his efforts to connect local businesses with local unemployed workers looking for an opportunity. We appreciate this partnership. As a result, we have the opportunity to warmly welcome Dan and other new hires to the Meyer Tool family. We look forward to our exciting future together knowing our local congressman is in our corner.

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