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Transportation committee seeks to ban promotional road signs


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By Sherri Dauskurdas

Remember those large green and white signs that hit the streets a few years back, posted at the edge of construction projects, touting their funding through the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act?

Well, they soon may be nothing more than a memory, as a group of congressmen seek to end promotions of this sort.

The U.S. House of Representatives' Transportation and Infrastructure Committee has approved an amendment to the surface transportation reauthorization bill, which would prohibit spending federal transportation funding to put up signs advertising how such projects were funded.

"Money for transportation should be spent on transportation, not publicity," said Rep. Dan Lipinski, who brought forth the amendment. "After the stimulus bill was enacted, the federal government reportedly spent $9 million on unnecessary signs. That's enough to pay for a substantial infrastructure project that actually puts people to work and has a tangible, long-term impact. Here in Illinois, we also saw former Gov. Blagojevich spend $480,000 on tollway signs with his name on them. This amendment ensures we won't see taxpayer dollars wasted on advertising signs instead of being spent on projects that will ease congestion."

The amendment states that none of the reauthorization bill's funds may be used for signage indicating that a project is funded under the legislation.

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