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Cong. Dan Lipinski (D-3d) commended the nation’s manufacturers and employees on “Manufacturing Day.”

Biparisan legislation introduced by Lipinski to develop a national strategy for revitalizing American manufacturing – the American Manufacturing Competitiveness Act – overwhelmingly passed the House last month, setting up the opportunity for Senate consideration by year’s end.

“I have long said that manufacturing is the linchpin for our nation’s economy and for many of our local communities,” Lipinski said. “Setting aside a day to recognize the importance of manufacturing and all those Americans involved in the industry is a welcome development.

“But our nation must do more to create an environment in which manufacturing flourishes. My bill would create a temporary, bipartisan, public/private board that would recommend policies to boost American manufacturing and allow is to compete successfully in the global marketplace for years to come.”

Sponsored by Lipinski and Adam Kinzinger (R-Ill.), the American Manufacturing and Competitiveness, according to Lipinski, will bring the public and private sectors together along with members of both parties, to forge an actionable plan to promote the success of American manufacturing.

The bill creates a bipartisan Manufacturing Competitiveness Board consisting of 15 members, five appointed by the President – including two governors from different parties – and 10 from the private sector and appointed by the House and Senate, with the majority appointing three and the minority two in each chamber.

The Board will conduct an analysis of the US and global manufacturing sectors, covering everything from trade issues to taxation, regulation, research, education, and new technologies.

Based on this analysis, it will develop a strategy that includes goals, and specific recommendations for achieving these goals.

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