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Lipinski Says Sequester Issue Shows Need for Compromise


WJOL Scott Slocum in the Morning Show

We all remember hearing the FISCAL CLIFF term all through December.  NOW, we're hearing the term SEQUESTER....concerning 86 billion dollars in cuts that could AUTOMATICALLY kick in at the end of this month without a compromise in Washington.  Congressman Dan Lipinski reminded us of how we went from from ONE to the OTHER; when the agreement at the end of December pushed the tax issues down the road to May, leaving the budget cut issues for the end of February..

So with the tax rates issue kicked down the road to May, the automatic budget cuts are the issue RIGHT NOW.  And as Lipinski explains, unless a compromise is reached there will be NO FAVORITES here.  Just a case of "Eight Percent is Enough" across the board; with the exception of items like Social Security.

Lipinski says, he may be part of the "Democrat" team; but unless the entire Congress decides to work as "one SINGLE team," there's not much hope.  Right now, each party just seems concerned about THEIR SIDE'S FUTURE.

It was back in mid-January that Lipinski announced his involvement with the NO LABELS group, where members of Congress are working to put THE COUNTRY FIRST, regardless of their political party.

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