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Lipinski: No U.S. Soldiers in Syria Strike


By Ben Feldheim
Orland Park Patch
Congressman Dan Lipinski has concerns about the United States getting involved in Syria, but he’s open to it so long as there are restrictions in place.
“I am open to supporting a resolution giving the President the go ahead to act in Syria,” Lipinski said. “But the resolution needs to explicitly say no combat troops will be involved. He needs to put a limited period of time on any action.”
The 3rd Congressional District Representative spoke with constituents, many of whom expressed their thoughts both for and against action in Syria, at Orland Park’s 143rd Street Metra Station as commuters left for work on Wednesday.
“I think that obviously people are very concerned after everything we’ve gone through with Iraq and Afghanistan,” Lipinski said. “I think that because of the use of chemical weapons I’m open to U.S. action that will deter Assad from using chemical weapons in the future, and deter others from doing the same.”
On Wednesday, the U.S. Senate voted narrowly in favor of President Barack Obama’s resolution that authorizes military force to be used against Syria, after an alleged chemical weapons attack by Bashar al-Assad’s regime killed over 1,400 people in Damascus.
“If I can be convinced we can do something that will be a deterrent I’m open to that,” Lipinski said. “But it needs to be made explicit that he’s not authorized to use combat troops, and there has to be a way to prevent further involvement in the civil war in Syria.”


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