Re-elect Dan Lipinski Congressman

Lipinski Deserves a Fair Shake


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Just shake the man’s hand.

That’s all I ask.

Even though Dan Lipinski ran uncontested for the Democratic 3rd Congress slot in the March 18 primary he was still out in the public meeting and greeting voters as they walked in and out of the polling places.

One stop was at the Orland Park Sportsplex, where he spent close to an hour standing around in the morning chill as more people were there to exercise than people who were exercising their right to vote.

For the most part, people were nice to the guy.

Most shook his hand. Some stopped by to talk. A few old-timers had nice words to say to him about his father, William. A few went out of their way to tell him what a great job he was doing. One man, Orland Park’s Joseph Mutholam, talked with the Congressman and then posed for a picture with him.

Even Cook County Commissioner Liz Gorman, who also is the Orland Township Republican committeeman, had a handshake and some cordial words for the Democrat. 

But there are always a few rotten appleheads to spoil the bunch.

When one of the voters marched by and Lipinski stuck out his hand and introduced himself, the guy barked “You’re on the wrong ballot!” and kept on walking. Lipinski had a look of resignation and a little bewilderment on his face after that. It was an awkward moment.

Some gave him a dismissive wave and tried to ignore him. Another guy mumbled something about pro-choice. But this handful of people wouldn’t shake his hand. He’s seen and heard worse, I’m sure, but it’s still rude and people should be embarrassed for acting like that.

I know there are people outside of the polling places representing politicians and they can be as annoying as telemarketers when handing out propaganda to people. I get that.

I know that some voters are busy and may have to get back to work and need to go in and out of the polling place and don’t have a lot of time to talk. I get that, too.

There are people who don’t like Lipinski. There are people who don’t like Democrats. There are people who are confounded by his stance on Obamacare. That’s fine.

But you have your congressman live in the flesh right in front of you and you can’t shake his hand? This is an important guy who is a mover and shaker in Illinois and in Washington. He’s a man who easily beat seven opponents in the prior five elections.

If you don’t respect the man, at least respect the position.

Unless the guy broke into your house, kicked you in the privates and punched your dog and scared your kids, you at least owe the man a handshake when he sticks his hand out to you. It’s common courtesy.

 So next time you see a high-level political leader who wants to say hello to you, I beg you to just shake hands with the man.

It’s not all that hard.

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