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Lipinski: New Federal Law Will Support Manufacturing



The Herald-News


Illinois manufacturers may get a boost from U.S. Rep. Dan Lipinski’s bill requiring a national strategic manufacturing plan.

“Illinois is still one of the top manufacturing states in the country,” Lipinski, D-Western Springs, said Tuesday. “We’ve seen manufacturing get hit over the decades and the recession. I think that this could really help make a difference in manufacturing in the state.”

Lipinski’s congressional district includes Lockport, a small part of Joliet and other sections of Will County.

The American Manufacturing Competitiveness Act was signed into law last week, Lipinski said. U.S. Rep. Adam Kinzinger, R-Channahon, co-sponsored the bill, and Sen. Mark Kirk, R-Illinois, carried the measure in the Senate.

“I’m proud to see this important piece of legislation signed into law,” Kinzinger said in a news release from his office issued after the legislation was signed. “The United States simply cannot afford to continue to lose manufacturing jobs to other countries. The American Manufacturing Competitiveness Act will help us use the resources we already have to put us back on top and create new middle-class jobs.”

The act requires a National Strategic Plan for Manufacturing. The president sets a plan at least every four years by working with “manufacturing experts from the private and public sectors to assess the state of American manufacturing and make recommendations for policies that will help grow American manufacturing,” a news release states.

“The people of Illinois reflect the highest work ethic of the Midwest,” Kirk said in a news release. “It’s those men and women who keep me optimistic about the future of Illinois and the future of manufacturing as a pillar of the Illinois economy.”

Lipinski likened the manufacturing plan to the Quadrennial Defense Review, which sets long-term goals for the Department of Defense and the country’s safety.

“With the financial crisis, I saw change in Washington,” Lipinski said about views on manufacturing. “When we went into recession, I think there was more understanding of how important manufacturing is to the U.S.”

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