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Lipinski Statement on Chicago Tribune Investigation:

"Lipinski challenger Newman went into restaurant business with convicted felon"

March 8, 2018

Congressman Dan Lipinski (D-03) today issued the following statement in response to a Chicago Tribune investigative report which details how his Democratic primary opponent, Marie Newman, went into business with a convicted felon who defrauded homeowners in the lead up to the Great Recession:

“According to the Chicago Tribune, Ms. Newman was ‘very involved’ with her business partnership with James Garofalo, a convicted felon who served federal prison time for what the newspaper characterized as a ‘large-scale mortgage fraud scheme.’

Garofalo was indicted as part of Operation Malicious Mortgage, a nation-wide federal investigation.

Rather than repudiating the actions of a convicted felon who caused working men and women and seniors great harm, including the loss of their livelihood, Ms. Newman gave her trust to this individual, becoming friends and going into business with him. She claims to have been unaware, but how could she not have known? And while she claims to have addressed this once she knew, in truth her 'husband continued to work with him' and their partnership lasted months longer. Newman only got out once she could get her money.

If my opponent is willing to go into business with a convicted felon who hurt seniors and working families, how can we trust her to demonstrate sound ethics and judgment in Congress?

And if she’d partner with someone who hurt seniors and working families just to make more money for herself, how can we trust her to be for us?”

Chicago Tribune Investigative Report:

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