Re-elect Dan Lipinski Congressman

A Statement from Congressman Dan Lipinski

November 6, 2018

“I want to thank the voters for giving me the honor of representing the Third District for another two years in the U.S. House of Representatives.  The results demonstrate that voters want more of my commonsense leadership that brings people together and has produced results for the district and the country. 

“Over the years I’ve authored dozens of laws which have resulted in cleaner air and water, increased protections from sexual assault, better roads and public transit, good-paying middle-class jobs, and other improvements for our region and the nation.  Moving forward, I will continue to be a leader on these and other issues that are critical to making life better and giving people greater opportunities to life the American Dream no matter who they are or where they live. 

“As a senior member of the House Transportation and Infrastructure Committee, I am hopeful that the first major piece of legislation we pass next year will be the bold infrastructure bill that President Trump had promised two years ago.  The issue of protecting access to affordable health insurance for those with pre-existing conditions has been much-discussed during this election, and as someone with diabetes I will always fight to keep this protection.  But we also need to bring down sky-rocketing drug and hospital costs which impact everyone.  As a former teacher, I want to make sure we provide the best possible education for our children so they have the chance to live the American Dream.  We also need to make sure our children and our communities are safe from violence, especially gun violence, and have clean air and water.  And we need to provide real relief for struggling middle class families, especially those dealing with skyrocketing college costs.

“This was a particularly hard-fought election across our nation because people are concerned about where our country is going.  They are sick and tired of the hateful rhetoric and fear-mongering.  We need a change in rhetoric and the change must start at the top, because all leaders and those who want to lead have a responsibility to treat every person with dignity.  But the change cannot stop there.  Every individual must be part of this change whether they are speaking from the highest office in the land or from their own home on social media.  We will always have policy disagreements, but I believe we all agree on the goal of making America a better place today and for future generations.  After this election, let us rededicate ourselves to working together toward this goal.” 

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